Saturday, February 5, 2011

Student Quote of the Week

*Contemplative face* "I really need some new friends....all my friends that aren't at school have babies"- E. Bowman [16yrs old]

This comment is bittersweet.  For those of you in the education field who live amongst the youth and future of our country, then you immediately noticed your juxtaposed emotions.
1) Bitter: Babies having babies.  This is all too rampant in the African American community and has spread like wildfire since the crack epidemic of the early 80s which completely demolished black communities across the country.  Too many of our young women are pulled from the education that could free them due to the early onset of motherhood.  This, in turn, continues the cycle of poverty which has entrenched us since the great migration.
2) Sweet: A young African American student who has recognized not only the issue of having kids as a teenager, but the plight of only associating with teenage parents.  You must beget friendships with people who will grow with you.  If those who you associate with are not helping you grow...then they will lead you in the opposite direction which can only hinder you.  This student has a 4.0 and if she stays focused she can end up at one of the top 10 universities in the nation.  If you know young people such as this young lady, be sure that you nourish their already budding intelligence, wisdom, and excitement for life.

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