Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Memorable student quotes- December 2010 Edition

In a conversation on why white people called slaves black
"What's your race, slave?"- D. White

In an explanation of why an essay rough draft was late..
"My printer wasn't working, so I took a picture of it on my phone" *hands me the phone*- Will remain anonymous

Me: "You're going to live a long life as much as you laugh in this class"
WJ: "That keeps you alive"
Me: "Yes, it's been shown that happiness and laughter are very healthy"
WJ: "THATS why my granny still alive! She 80 somethin but she be crackin up all the time"

While viewing a documentary on the colonization of Hawaii..
"They put the Hawaiian's in schools like they did with the Indians"
                 "....Native Americans!"

As he is about to print out his essay...
"This was the hardest best essay I ever wrote in my life"- J. Beans

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